Tunisian rapper Kafon released from prison

March 20, 2014 11:18 PM1 commentViews: 144

RAP – Tunisian rapper Ahmed Laabidi was released from prison after serving 10 months from a one year sentence. “Kafon was freed on conditional release wednesday night”, said Laabidi’s lawyer, Ghazi M’rabet, “A ministerial committee accorded Kafon conditional release after reviewing his case”, added M’rabet.

Ahmed Laabidi, aka Kafon, was convicted of narcotic consumption in June 2013 and was sentenced to one year in prison and fine of 1000 dinars.

Narcotic consumption is strictly illegal in Tunisia. Weed, more commonly known as Zatla in Tunisia, ranks at the most consumed narcotic substance country-wide.  The Tunisian penal code has been often criticized for its strict penalties for narcotic consumption.

The law number 52 dating from 1992 concerning the consumption of narcotic substances declares that whosoever is arrested in possession or having consumed the drugs, risks from one to five years of imprisonment with a fine from one to three thousands.

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