Constituent Assembly finishes Tunisia’s new constitution

January 23, 2014 9:05 PM2 commentsViews: 72
Tunisia's assembly holding first session in 2011.

Tunisia’s assembly holding first session in 2011.

Tunis – The National Constituent Assembly (NCA) made history today by accomplishing the task it was entrusted with more than 2 years ago. The NCA, Tunisia’s constituent parliament, was elected to write constitution after Tunisians deposed dictator Ben Ali in 2011. The assembly was given a one year mandate to write the constitution but the process was slowed down by two political assassinations last year (Mohamed Brahmi in July 25th and Chokri Belaid in Feb 6).

Tunisia’s constituent has been widely celebrated as a proof that the country can emerge as a model for democracy in the Arab world. A recent NY Times editorial praises the constituent saying that “it is one of the most liberal constitution in the Arab world“.

The Constituent Assembly has accomplished article-by-article voting. MPs will vote to approve on the constitution as whole.

“Finally, we have reached this moment,” Assembly President Mustapha Ben Jaafar said as MPs chanted the national anthem.

The Assembly voted today on amendments relating to articles 107, 145, 146, 6, 73, 87, 119 and 118. The last chapter called  “transitional arrangements” was adopted with 183 votes in favor and one abstention.

Corrected on 4:52 PM, Jan 24. We’ve precised that NCA was entrusted with the task of writing constitution three years while in reality it is was entrusted with that 2 years and a month ago. Thanks to @yusraghkh for the correction.


  • AnaximanderQC

    The English translation of a the draft a couple of days ago looked very impressive. This constitution could be the model for other regional constitutions!
    One issue I was unclear on–The methods for impeaching the executive is well defined. But I didn’t see equivalent procedures for corrupt members of the independent commissions or the high courts.

  • Laila Muhammad

    congrats to the citizens of tunisia..luckily you are not located on the border of israel…had you been shin bet and mosad.cia would have made sure you never succeeded…they do not want muslims to have democracy..its easier to control one dictator

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