Kairouan celebrates the International Day of the Arabic Language

December 19, 2013 12:04 PM1 commentViews: 8

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Photo courtesy We Love Kairouan Facebook Fan Page.

KAIROUAN, Tunisia- On the day that celebrates the Arabic language, December 18th, “We love Kairouan” organized a cultural event entitled “It’s more beautiful in Arabic”, in cooperation with the “I photo Kairouan” group, in an attempt to rehabilitate and celebrate the Arabic language.

The event aimed to provide a way for citizens to express their minds by writing in Arabic on large sheets of papers displayed on the street in front of the Culture House of Asad ibn al-Fourat. The association members presented their audience with the different Arabic calligraphy styles, especially Al Qayrawani calligraphy, which is the special Calligraphy in Kairouan.

The association prepared a workshop for writing calligraphy where samples of writings in different Calligraphy styles were provided. Participants tried to imitate the samples to practice their writing styles. Some participants expressed their love to their town by writing poetry verses, others preferred to write personal messages in a funny way.

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