Tunisia leads Arab World in Democracy rankings in 2013

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Tunisian women protest in secular rally against Salafism, a movement that has been accredited "terrorist" by the State.

Tunisian women protest in secular rally against Salafism, a movement that has been accredited “terrorist” by the State.

According to the annual index of democracy in the world, issued by Global Democracy Ranking, Tunisia has been ranked 72 worldwide and the 1st among Arab countries in stratifying democracy. The Democracy Ranking 2013 covers countries that are described by Freedom House as “free” or “partly free” in the years of 2011 and 2012. Therefore, scores for Bahrain, China, Egypt, Libya, the Russian Federation, Syria, and Yemen are “virtual scores”.

Tunisia came ahead of all Arabs states including Lebanon, Palestine, Mauritania and Iraq, while Egypt was ranked 103 due to the recent violent incidents against pro-Morsi supporters in Tahrir Square, Cairo. International activists credited the progress Tunisia has achieved to the fact that it is the birthplace of the Arab Spring where all stages of democratic transition have been relatively implemented. Such elements range from the basics freedoms to the freedom of press, democratic elections and last but not least freedom of expression.


Democracy practice through out the world. Compared to its black past, Tunisia is now relatively a democratic state according to the report. Click to Enlarger

The classification has adopted indicators related directly to the quality of democracy practice in the world such as basic freedoms and liberties in addition to non-political standards such as gender equality, economic and health systems, and environmental policies.

The last ten countries that have been classified as the worst ones in terms of democracy practices are Yemen, Syria, the Central African Republic, Togo, Guinea, Pakistan, Nigeria, Libya, China and Bahrain.

From its own part, the International Transparency Organization has ranked Yemen, Syria and Libya, along with Algeria, Egypt and other African countries in the ultimate group which is considered as having very critical defense and security sectors.

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  • The comment is not accurate because Salafism is certainly not a movement labeled as terrorist. it’s ansar el sharee’a that is acclaimed as such by the government. It is a huge difference.

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