Abou Iyadh, leader of Ansar Alsharia, captured in Libya by US special forces

December 30, 2013 1:10 PM2 commentsViews: 18
Abu yath

Abu iyadh.

A reliable source to TAP, a Tunisian press agency, has announced that the leader of Ansar Al Sharia movement, Abou Iyadh has been captured this morning in Masrata, Libya by a unit of U.S. special forces in coordination with the Libyan authorities.

This is to note that the movement led by Sayef Edine Bin Hassine, alias Abou Iyadh, has been classified as a terrorist organization and has been banned from the social and political arena by the Tunisian Islamist-led government in late August of this year.

According to the Tunisian Minister of Interior Lotfi Ben Jeddou, Abou Iyadh is currently accused of being involved in the murder of Tunisian soldiers in the terrorist attacks in Chaambi mountains,  the assassination of political figures Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, and in smuggling weapons.

Sources: SHEMSFM

Update: US Africa Command denies involvement in possible arrest of Abou Iyadh.


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