France grants Tunisia 2.4 million euro to fund agricultural and ecological projects

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Tunis – Tunisia benefits from three allowances, granted by France, valuing together 2.4500.000 euro as funding for agricultural and ecological projects. 



According to Jawhra FM, the accord was signed yesterday in Tunis by the general director of the French Development Agency (AFD), the Tunisian Minister of development and international cooperation Mr Lamine Doghri and the French ambassador in Tunis.

The two initial allowances, estimated at 2 million euro, will be allocated to projects for the protection of marine and coastal areas in northern Tunisia. In addition, they will cover the expenses for the renewal of funds and competences and the consolidation of capacities.

The third grant, assessed at almost half million euro, will address the financing of agricultural projects characterized by climatic changes in the Maghreb region.

The project is intended to diversify and boost the agricultural development in the upcoming years. It is expected as well to raise the competitiveness of Tunisia’s agricultural products.

The French development agency is a public institution created by President Charles de Gaulle in 1942. Its chief goal is to finance development projects especially in the African region.

Mr Dov Zerah, general director of AFD, took advantage of this occasion to reiterate his agency’s commitment to help build long and sustainable economic relations with Tunisia.  He asserted as well the need to create channels of dialogue that will ameliorate future financial cooperation between the two countries.

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