Opinion: America needs a Third World War and the starting point is Syria!

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1185347_596493457085299_1168433008_n The crisis in Syria may appear to be no more than a civil war in a country many people would struggle to place on a map.

But it’s much more than that: it is rapidly becoming a sectarian deadly power struggle between two bitterly opposed Muslim sects, Sunni and Shia that is bleeding across the Middle East.

Like Father Like Son

Already, the war in Syria has resulted in 93,000 dead and 1.6 million refugees, with millions more displaced internally. The conflict started in 2011 with peaceful protests against the authoritarian regime of Bashar al-Assad, the seemingly mild successor to his father Hafez, who between 1970 and 2000 ruled Syria with a rod of iron. Hafez’s response to dissent from the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood was to wipe out a town of 20,000 people.

The opposition developed into an armed insurgency, and now Syria has been engulfed in a civil war which has degenerated into a vicious sectarian conflict.

Regional repercussions and US involvement 

What happens in Syria affects Israel, with which it shares a militarised border on the Golan Heights. And what affects Israel also involves the U.S., its staunch ally.

Assad is advised (and directly supported) by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and there are also between 5,000 and 8,000 seasoned Hezbollah fighters inside Syria

The Obama administration is preparing a military attack against Syria which has the potential of starting World War III.  In fact, it is being reported that cruise missile strikes could begin “as early as Thursday”.

The Obama administration is pledging that the strikes will be “limited”, but what happens when the Syrians fight back?

If Syrian missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv, Israel will be extremely tempted to absolutely flatten Damascus, and they are more than capable of doing precisely that.  And of course Hezbollah and Iran are not likely to just sit idly by as their close ally Syria is battered into oblivion.

We are looking at a scenario where the entire Middle East could be set aflame, and that might only be just the beginning.

The Sino-Russian axis

Russia and China are sternly warning the U.S. government not to get involved in Syria, and by starting a war with Syria the US will do an extraordinary amount of damage to its relationships with those two global superpowers.  Could this be the beginning of a chain of events that could eventually lead to a massive global conflict with Russia and China on one side and the United States on the other?

 Syria said that it will use “all means available” to defend itself if the United States attacks

It maybe that The entire scenario we are seeing is one big magic act that began long ago, and Syria is just the ‘flash-bang’ diversion of the act, albeit a vital one

America needs a Third World War


War has a great deal with the American economic system. This system – America’s brand of capitalism – functions first and foremost to make extremely rich Americans like the Bush “money dynasty” even richer. Without warm or cold wars, however, this system can no longer produce the expected result in the form of the ever-higher profits the moneyed and powerful of America consider as their birthright.

The great strength of American capitalism is also its great weakness, namely, its extremely high productivity

Moreover, US strategy proceeds from the assumption that losing global supremacy is unacceptable to the country. The linkage between global leadership and the XXI century prosperity is an axiom for the US elites regardless of political details.

Therefore, Getting rid of Iran and Syria which stand in the way of the US global dominance would be Washington’s natural next step. Attempts to topple the Iranian regime by means of inciting civilian unrest in the country failed fabulously, and military analysts suspect that an intervention scenario akin to those implemented in dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan is awaiting Iran. The plan has serious chances to materialize even though as of today even the withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan presents the US with considerable problems.


  • this is real, very real and this could draw all the conflicts going on around the world into one big fight, which would be world war 3

  • I could have written this story myself only I am not sure which Muslim sects rules in which county. I wish someone would write an article enlightening people living outside of the Middle East, just who rules the counties of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (it was the Brotherhood), Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Ethiopia and any others countries around the Middle East.
    It looks to me that the Brotherhood is in every one of these countries or am I wrong. Please enlighten me. To me it looks as if the third world war has already started, Hitler also took over one country at a time, now it looks as if someone is trying to do the same.

    • Thank you for the interaction. Actually, yes the Brotherhood do exist in most of the countries you have mentioned but there is a difference in terms of power and influence . Your comment inspired me, and I will try to clarify this issue in my next article.
      Concerning the Third World War, I agree and I think that the US is playing the same role that Hitler took and the difference, I think, is the goals.
      Many thanks.

      • The whole of WW2 was a setup all three ideologies (Fascism, Communism and Liberalism) were playing their part. The only ones who truly profit from these wars are the so called “Zionists”.

        All three ideologies have failed. Fascism and Communism have already disappeared and the extremely flawed Liberalism is standing on its last leg fighting for the “liberation” or better destruction of traditional societies, gay rights and to make all the worlds resources accessible for a foreign neo-colonial capitalist takeover.

        Nowadays they’ve created this new ideology called Islamism, which is often falsely equated to Islam.

        Plus they’ve managed to fuel hatred between sunni and shia to create a huge mess in the region and to play out one party against the other with the aim of expanding Israel.

        The superpowers are pitted against each other through balkanisation of the Middle East.

        Basically the stage is set and Zionist hardliners are eager to get the war started.

    • What do you mean by Ethiopia? Ethioipia is not Islamic country

      • Hi Peace,
        Good name, my question was who rules not which Islamic group. I am aware that Ethiopia has problems between the Islamic as well, or so the government says.
        To day you cannot tell which truth is or not.

        I read as much as I can from all the newspapers to try and get a clearer picture of what’s going on, at the moment it looks as if there is a great divide in most of the Middle East.

        • Ian,

          Thanks for the reply. The government itself is anti Ethiopian that rules by divide and conquer because the minority TPLF party is the one who is ruling and the only way to do it, is by divide and conquer. In order to create more problems in Ethiopia and create fear they did so many things; they became close to Middle East and especially Saudis. As you know, Ethiopia will be very much vulnerable when it comes to dealing with Middle East because we are basically surrounded by Muslims and there for the past regimes were very careful in how they deal with the Middle East. This TPLF government however during their fight in the jungle they have been supported by Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and other Middle East. Their loyalty lays to these Muslim countries and the consequence was endangering Ethiopia by courting Middle Eastern countries. The result is endangering the Muslim Ethiopians who were most Sufi and coexisted with the Christians. Since this TPLF appeared, our country has been facing dangerous situations. By creating Eritrea to the North, Eritreans were our brothers and sisters and now we are see each other as enemies. Very sad. Kinda like North and South Korea. Ethiopia however will triumph based on all this obstacles and her true sons and daughters will rule again.

  • @ Bahar I dont agree with anything you said. Obama is not Bush he does not want war. He is drawing down troops in Afghanistan and Iraq after the Bush debacle. you spoke too soon about predicted strikes especially since they are now going to go to Congress in September 12th to get a vote. most of Congress is against any intervention and the american people voted 76 percent not to intervene.

    You clearly do not understand the difference between Obama and the Bush and Romsfelt dynasty. It would have been better to offer some analysis in your piece, about the differences. The american people are tired who wants to send their children to defend a part of the world where they are hated….really.

    I also dont understand why you say Assad will attack Israel….what does that country have to do with the atrocities in Syria? Atrocities that the whole arab world is watching by the way. Children suffering and families being dispersed. Why did you not speak of that, in my opinion that would have showed balance.

    The third world war has been going on for quite a while in the middle east and it involves so called terrorist groups taking over areas of countries all over. Bringing mayhem and fear through the use of terror tactics etc.,

    So what do you think is the solution? I would have liked to hear that. Internationally there has been agreements that chemical warfare will not be tolerated by any country. so in doing so Assad has committed serious war crimes and is against international law. Any country who engages in these acts should be confronted. many countries agree something should be done but are too worried to come forward.

    Assad knows what he is doing and what his long term plans are…they dont seem to be about being nice to his people. This Muslim on Muslim killing is disgusting. It could be that god knows the whole story. We dont have access to that end yet.

    I dont support Obama and I certainly dont care about Israel but I am tired of some Muslims countries constantly blaming others for their predicament. Each should take responsibility for each other and own the fact that many of their so called leaders sell their own people out over and over again, while owning fat Swiss bank accounts as their people struggle.

    I personally would wish to see the US pull out of all counties and just look to its own concerns. I think the money the US gives many countries should be spent on its own people and all these counties can fend for themselves. However please dont forget that it is other countries who put the US in the role of policeman especially when they dont have the guts to do something themselves.

    So please check your facts before talking about days the strike will begin…the jury is still out. Think positive and understand that congress could probably say no…then the US would not get involved. I would like to see you do a piece on what the other arab countries are prepared to do to save the children or refugees as currently there are not many arab countries supporting the displaced.

    As for super powers China has emerged as a serious player and has been for quite a while now. the US is not a superpower anymore, and Russian is a has been who have treated Muslims in its own country in the most terrible ways.. So there should be no support for Russian support at all. China and its motives have yet to be declared and sometimes it is better the devil you know.

    Thanks for the article i appreciate you bringing it up as a talking point and i would enjoy a follow up.

    • Thank you for your response. I appreciate the information you have provided me with, and I want to clarify some points
      I don’t say that Obama is the same as Bush but I say that The American System has interests in the Middle East which cannot be reached without weakening Syria. It is true that Obama is drawing down troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the question to which I want to find an answer is why America thinks that it has to intervene each time to fight against terror? Why this mission is not to be taken by the international organizations whose role is supposed to be keeping peace and justice all over the world? Is Obama’s suggestion to intervene in Syria was bound just with good intentions? If yes, why America has to bear the burden alone whereas defending the poor suffering people of Syria should be done in a cooperative way?
      I agree with that Assad has committed a serious war crime and he should be stopped immediately, however I don’t agree that America has to do that alone, you said that many countries agree that something should be done but are worried to come forward. Yes, they are worried but they should not be, for one simple reason: people elect governments that are supposed to guarantee peace and the well being of citizens, not only the citizens of that particular country but also the citizens of the world. If America acts alone there will be doubts about its true intentions.
      In the absence of such governments, the people rebel. In Tunisia, people rebelled because of the absence of justice; this just is not limited to social issues although the social issues are the starting point.
      Let me clarify this idea. With Ben Ali, if you say no to the system you won’t get a job, people revolt against unjust is to get their social rights that are supposed to be guaranteed by a new fair and democratic government. A government that give it’s people their social rights would give them freedom of expression as well, and when people get that freedom they won’t be afraid of saying no to what is happening in Syria, for instance; here, we move from social just is to International justice where the government express the will of the people and says no to killing the innocents in Syria. This is my view of the goal behind revolutions.
      What I want to say is that if America acts alone there will be doubts about its true intentions. It’s not the duty of America alone to defend People in Syria; it is the duty of all democratic countries. And this is why really loved your words when you said «Each should take responsibility for each other and own the fact that many of their so called leaders sell their own people out over and over again, while owning fat Swiss bank accounts as their people struggle.”Because I believe that Arab “leaders” did sell their courtiers and history is full of proofs.
      A point that I don’t agree with you on is that Americans are hated In The Middle East, and this is a personal point of view that I have get from contacting friends who lives there. What are hated are the American policies, because they understand that even American families are suffering the idea of sending their children to war and they believe that these families and even solders are told lies about what they are doing there, and here I am not talking about Syria.
      The last point would be my view of the reason why Obama asked Congress support for a military strike although he knows that the answer is probably « no ». My answer to this act is that Obama tries to get out of the predicament.
      I think that Obama fears of the existence of a sophisticated Russian defense system and Russia’s silence suggests that they hide a trap for American. Russia is aware that Syria’s file is good to drain the prestige of America to the world as did America with Russia in Afghanistan. Moreover Obama is tiring to appease the tension of the American society.
      Again, thank you so much for sharing your opinion 

    • Who is “Romsfelt”?? Do you mean Rumsfeld? If you can’t spell the names of the officials, your comments here don’t hold very much credence. -> Just saying! Lol

  • Thanks for your reply it was much clearer to me than your article, so i appreciate that.

    The US as the worlds police is a historical one that comes from when the US was a superpower and other countries call them in. Even now in Syria there are groups who are asking for help from the US but they want help is regime change. Turkey have asked over and over again for the US to bring down Assad particularly Maher the brother….However the US has no interest in bringing about regime change. That lesson was earned in Libya.

    In the past the US has seen itself as the only one to have the big guns to go calm situations and although it has failed at almost every attempt some still see that as its role. Senator McCain for instance. There are others who have not liked Obama just because of his colour and use every attempt to catch him out or embarrass him at every turn. So there is an added dimension to this presidency that may not be appreciated outside the US.

    There have been demonstrations about this intervention and Obama has listened to the people and the detractors which Bush would never have done. That idiot would already have torn families apart by sending troops just cos he could. Syrian opposition leaders are now being interviewed and saying how disappointed they are that Obama has gone to congress. Turkish governments officials are also stating they are disappointed. Some calling Obama a coward so it clearly depends on which side of the fence you happen to sit. If the middle east wants true autonomy then stop calling for help, stop sending pictures of attacked children etc., stop attacking the US for failing to intervene.

    Obama gave in to the pressure to support the Libyan no fly zones etc., and I believe that he learned his lesson cos that was a debacle also.

    I dont know what news you get about Russia but both Russia and China have been very loud and vocal about non intervention but that may simply be because of the Russian navy military base or the fact that Putin is investing heavily in other areas of Syria. However Russia is no ones friend and it too has a long legacy of persecution of its own people. Clearly every country has its own agenda and will invest, protect, or attack based on those agenda’s. Often times those agendas may have nothing to do with the people they say they are trying to protect.

    For me its not that countries veto the intervention its the lack of the world response to the breaking of international law and what they would do themselves. I asked you the same question. What would you do to stop the horror for the children who will remain damaged for years to come thereby guaranteeing the continued conflicts borne from hatred and damaged lives.

    American foreign policy has failed miserably over the years however the majority of the American people did not even know how the US was perceived outside the country. yet they get blown up because of those policies. murder is murder and there is never a reason for it. The US has done many dirty things over the years but not every president is the same. during Clinton years for example he was a protectionist president like Obama. His main focus was on the US not outside of it. The big problem is that Obama took over a legacy of the Bush, Cheney and Romsfelt era. Time has to be given to reverse such diabolical rule.

    I am not sure how you meant the use of Hitler and who you were referring to exactly. I cant for any reason see how that could have been meant.

    If Syria is about different Muslim sects why are the Arab world not more vocal in bringing about peace? For me the Assad family have ruled for many years and are not going to give up anything easily every arab knows that even if the west does not. I wish the US would stop trying to spread democracy and leave these countries to work it out between their own tribes or Islamic affiliations.

    The problem is though that many people in these countries want democracy and look towards the US as the example yet failing to understand the the US is a republic and in many instances does not act democratically. In any event the Assad family now have chance for repose and I hope they think about not using chemical warfare on their very own people.

    However in the news papers of that country some of the headlines are calling it a historical american retreat so they are not concerned about world opinion. I fear that they will use the time to move equipment and people about. Rather than using the time to think about peace.

    Regardless of the outcome of congress the world needs to take responsibility for what international laws are being broken by this family. If the US are the only country prepared to do anything about this mass murder then that may happen and they will act alone but for me that is just shame on the other countries who are prepared to let murder continue, then criticize from their arm chairs. I have not heard any comment about intervention on any level from the Arab leagues for example. Who is trying to speak with this family and attempt to curtail their activities If you have information about other types of intervention please share.

    When the inspectors produce the reports if there is independent proof that these chemicals were used and if then the world continue to sit back then the children of that country really know their worth.

    I hope the US realizes that two days of strikes by the military means nothing to the overall situation in Syria. That the war will continue regardless because the Assads want it. So this talk of a third world war does not rest on the US…The middle east has been at war with itself for a few years now and for my money I would leave the whole place alone and let them fight to the finnish. None of us have the bigger picture of how this is meant to play out only god has that and right now he is not sharing.

    Thanks for the discussion I enjoyed sharing opinions

  • Sorry I also meant to add that the cynic in me (and to present a rounded answer) does not forget that Syria has a very large gas pipeline and is not in debt to the World Bank. I could say the corporate interests behind some governments US and Russia want to change that. The US has stepped up for many countries that have had natural disasters or human rights etc However there are those who would say that its never human rights alone.

    I would also say that whenever the US has a disaster no one offers help. so in the spirit of tit for tat the US should mind their own business especially since the events in Syria does not pose a direct threat to the US.

    I will end by saying that Assad has been underestimated from the start and his level of support was not calculated. On the other had to support the opposition to some extent is to support terrorists groups who are known for attacking US interests. Ad hoc policies have now come to bite the US in the backside. Its whether Obama is man enough to resist pressure to perform or whether the politics are such that a strike, even a token one is now unavoidable.

    I appreciate there are a plethora of opinions etc., and respect them al. but thats all from me….thanks

    • Great! We share the same view! If the Middle East wants true autonomy then stop calling for help, stop sending pictures of attacked children etc., stop attacking the US for failing to intervene. Again, I am in love with your words.
      You said that each country has its own interests in the area that have nothing to do with the people they say they are trying to protect. That is what I think too.
      My answer to your question is that countries in the Middle East have to act .Actually they have to change then to act in order to stop this horror and as I have said people in the Arab world look for change that will bring action so they revolt (the Arab spring)
      When I referred to Hitler I meant Obama is “creating” a war to achieve hidden interests and I didn’t meant that Obama, the president if you want, is the same as Hitler.
      I think that people have to stop asking America to protect them and bring democracy. If they want democracy they have to fight for it by themselves. Martin Luther king is a great source of inspiration. I mean; people may take a good example and try to achieve the success he has reached but not to ask Marten Luther king to go back to life and do the same in their world.
      I respect your opinion but I still think that America has its own interests in the Middle East and if it is to be given the opportunity to dominate the scene there it will do.
      About the different Muslim sects in Syria, the matter is somehow complicated for me as we don’t have this variety in Tunisia but I believe that the solution for such a conflict is only change. I am insisting on change that comes from within not from without despite the difficulties; a change that would bring forth a democratic regime that do not take into consideration what religious sect a person belongs to and that give people their rights without conditions.
      Thank you very much.

  • Thanks i appreciate all your comments with the exception of the Hitler one. Hitler wanted a supreme white race, blond hair blue eyes etc., he wanted domination of other countries to enslave them to white supremacist rule. He killed Jewish people not because of war but for finances. He was a failed artists and when refused entrance to art school he blamed the jewish professor. when his mother died he blamed the Jewish doctor. He spent years living with homeless people and clearing the pathways of large jewish owned homes.

    If you read Mein Kampf he makes it clear he hated jews. He loved war and became a good soldier because of that. when Germany lost the war he was convinced that this also was the fault of the jews. his mind was warped. He was a master manipulator, very charismatic and found himself in Germany at the right time. He quickly outlawed other political parties.

    He sent thousands of gypsies to camps, black and other groups were also highlighted and sent to camps along with the jews. Look what he did at the 1936 olympics when he left the stadium rather than watch a black athlete take part then win a gold medal. So when you mention the name of Hitler it is these connotations that come to mind for the average person. Hitler was no ones hero or role model is was a cruel despot who killed many people just because they were not white…..please remember that……So I cant see the reference or comparison to Obama or the US policies (as bad as they may be) at all…..in any way….which is why I take offense. Not on behalf of Obama but on behalf of the human race….

    Other than the pipeline that is crucial if the US government were to help take Assad out of office the possibility would be that the opposition that is not normally pro US would in power so I cant see how the US would gain anything it cant live without. The US relationship is not the same as it would have with Pakistan or Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai for example who was at one time a contractor of the CIA. he was helped into office by Bush…but since Obama’s presidency their (US and Afghan president) relationship has not been the same.

    Anyway I digress…another time perhaps ha ha thanks

    • You’r welcome :)

    • Hitler was cooperating with zionists and they together moved/forced several hundred thousand jews to Palestine before war broke out. See Ha’avara agreement, for example.

      The narrative about master race/only blue eyes/etc. is a postwar myth. Chief propagandist Goebbels of 3. Reich was a brown-eyed mediterranean, just like many others.

      The holocaust storyline like many other aggrandized stories about the 3. Reich was used to:

      a) justify the destruction of Germany and the firebombing of some of the greatest cultural cities of Europe (with hundreds of thousands of deaths)
      b) to justify the creation of Israel as a “safe” haven for jews
      c) and many other reasons..

      Auschwitz had a camp orchestra, theatre group, bordello, private physicians, swimming pool, own currency etc. Much better than prison camps of Soviet Union (until the end of the war, when infrastrucutre was destroyed & typhus broke out)

      Lastly, up to 150,000 jews of various backgrounds fought for 3. Reich according to Edwyn Black. So, it is very much not so black and white.

  • I think if US attacks SYRIA.RUSSIA has to help SYRIA by attacking US army …. even RUSSIA can ask INDIAN ARMY and CHINA’S army on battle field…………….
    US is bravely attacking because they have imported talented INDIAN people… ………………………………………………………………
    the victory is SYRIA’S , RUSSIA’S ,INDIA’S,and CHINA’S ……..

    • You are wrong here as is “jonam” too. India might not be a supporter of US but aligning with Russia and China is not an option especially with China.Daily Chinese incursions are a proof of why India will not ally itself with China.As for Russia,it should have been clear by now to most of the Indians the role Russia played in the 1962 Indo-Chinese war.India at that time had a military agreement with Russia and Russia did not lend it’s help to India.

      China being supportive of Pakistan itself clears the air about India being on the same side with China.

      I am also an Indian and in my views it is never going to happen.At the current situation,India is a country which cannot defend itself and take strict actions against a country using terrorists against it,then how do you expect it too take part in a global war.

      As for US global dominance,you should be knowing that US global dominance is over with the emergence of China as a superpower.


  • Being an Indian. I also want my government to support both China and Russia to thwart every progress US makes on their military. Being the 4th largest military power in the world, I believe it will be of significant contribution to help Syria and Iran and destabilize US process of global dominance.

    • I think India is being pitted against Russia, China and obviously Pakistan by the Israeli-NATO alliance.

  • Well, that was quite the dramatic, emotional opinion piece. Is there a reason something this silly is still on the front page of the website after 9 months?

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