Autopsy of the martyr Mohammed Brahmi revealed

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Burial service of Belaid on Feb. 7th, 2013

Burial service of Belaid on Feb. 7th, 2013

According to a statement published by MosaiqueFM, the Tunisian Prosecutor spoke about the autopsy of assassinated Mohamed Brahmi, NCA deputy and former secretary of the Popular Front. The autopsy of the deceased stated that his death was caused by 14 bullets.

The statement was released on July 25th. It read the following (Translated from Arabic to English):

“The Agency of the Tunisian Republic informed the public the moment they received news of the assassination of Mohammed Brahmi, deputy of the National Constituency Assembly (NCA). Due to the terrorist nature of the crime, we have pledged to conduct a thorough investigation with the intention of opening a case against anyone suspected to have connections to the murder and committing terrorist acts. The First Magistrate, whose office is at the twelfth floor at the Court of First Instance in Tunis, will be looking into the case. The moment he pledged to conduct the investigation, the necessary inspection of the body was carried out as well as an inspection of the crime scene and hearing the witnesses. He also authorized the autopsy which had been initiated by a group of medical specialists in forensic medicine. He attended the medical process along with the representative of the public prosecution. The autopsy revealed that the deceased had been hit with fourteen gunshots: six in his torso and eight in his left leg. The weapon used was a 9 mm caliber pistol.”

Hamma Hammami, Popular Front leader, informed TAP Agency that the funeral of Mohammed Brahmi will be held this Saturday, July 27, 2013. The former will be buried in the Jalez graveyard, near the tomb of martyr Chokri Belaid.

by Nada Mrabet

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  • Rather than general protesting the Tunisian people need to turn on the extremists themselves, both in political office and in daily life.

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