Assassination of political figure to burst clashes in Tunisia

on Jul, 25, 2013.
Protesters under a heavy cover of tear gas. Getty images.

Protesters under a heavy cover of tear gas. Getty images.

Tunisia- A reporter from Jawhara FM (Tunisia radio) confirmed the outbreak of clashes between security forces and protesters demonstrating against the assassination of Deputy Mohamed Brahmi in front of the Ministry of Interior at Habib Bourguiba Avenue. Security forces used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.  The confrontations are said to be still ongoing till this moment at the avenue and adjacent streets.

The murder of Mohamed Brahmi ignited furious anti-government protests. A number of headquarters belonging to the Islamist ruling political party, Ennahdha, were burned down by enraged protesters at Sidi Bouzid. A similar incident happened when Chokri Belaid of the Popular Front opposing party was assassinated in Feb. 6 of this year under similar mysterious circumstances . His case remains open till this day. The government’s regional headquarters were burned down in Sidi Bouzid after several hours of the violent incident. Protesters chanted “Oh Ghannouchi! Oh serial killer! Oh murderer!“, “Down with the torturer of the people! Down with the Brotherhood party!” and “The people want to take down the system!”.

Earlier tonight, protesters swept the city of Sfax announcing their disobedience till they take down the current regime. It was when they reached the government’s local headquarters that clashes broke out between the demonstrators and the security forces. Policemen used tear gas to disperse the crowds. No reports of injuries or random arrests were made until now.

The Tunisian Rebellion movement made announcements saying that they will organize protests, across the country, until the fall of the current regime. This is considered to be a major development in the political objectives of the movement as they have repeatedly declared that their sole goal is to take down the Constituent Assembly (NCA) and all the institutions emanating from it and finally the formation of a revolutionary coalition government that will hold elections as early as possible.

Tunisian airliner, Tunisair, announced that they have canceled all trips planned for the 26th of this month. The undertaken measures came after the announcement of the general strike by the General Union of Tunisian Workers.

by Nada Mrabet

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